What we do

We provide educational opportunity for slum children of the Himachal Pradesh region in northern India, who under normal circumstances would never be able to attend school.

Working with representatives of the slum in around Chhetru, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh our aim is to provide education for children who, and whose parents, exhibit a drive to benefit from schooling. We are particularly interested in children that might excel and ultimately we can support onward through university.

We believe that all children benefit from quality education and there are some who simply never have this chance. We also believe this is a missed opportunity for those children who may well otherwise excel in life, to the benefit of themselves and the wider community whether it be local or even potentially globally.

We provide education currently for 12 students ages 4 -14, all of whom are slum children in Dharamsala. They currently attend the Kangra Valley  School, whom we have built a working relationship with the founder / head mistress.