The challenge for slum children

The public need for mass education in India is massive. In Himachal Pradesh, according to the 2011 census,approximately 20% are illiterate. There is pressure from the families for the children to stay at home and work to gain money for impoverished families.

The immediate beneficiaries to the School for Life programme will be the community of Dharamsala (and hopefully beyond).

Once educated the children from the School for Life programme will become employable, possibly at professional level (doctor / lawyer etc), which in turn assists the slum community by empowerment and breaking down the cycle of poverty.

Public education in India is available but very poor and children often do not attend. We know of no similar charity operating in this area. Added complications for slum dwellers is the cost of transporting the children to school (covered in our programme).

The unfulfilled need is the vacuum created by non-educated children (who simply have no access or no possibility of being educated) passing on the inherited poverty, non-understanding of the benefits of education – to their own children.

School for Life UK is open minded to working with other similar providers and sharing our skills and
experiences to the benefit of all like-minded charities.